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TerraGear Tools

TerraGear is the basic toolset used for generating scenery data for FlightGear. It applies a four step process centered around a working directory used for storing intermediate data:

  1. extract and simplify elevation data (e.g. SRTM data in HGT format using hgtchop)
  2. generate triangle geometry for airports from apt.dat in X-Plane format
  3. extract vector data (point, line and polygon data) into an intermediate polygon format
  4. generate triangle geometry for non-airport terrain

TerraGear unfortunately is known for being notoriously complex to compile and use due to its high number of dependencies, its non-WYSIWYG approach to scenery generation (which however is quite well suited for automatic generation of scenery from huge input databases) and its lack of documentation.

The World Custom Scenery project is working on enhancing TerraGear both by fixing bugs and usability issues as well as by extending the set of available tools.

For this we technically established a fork of the main TerraGear project and maintain our own patches to the mainline TerraGear sourcebase. However, we synchronise our efforts with the main project and try to have our additions moved into the TerraGear mainline given that they are accepted there as in line with the main project goals and stability issues.

Download and Install

You can also download the current patches (against the TerraGear CVS as of November 22nd, 2007) here. Apply them from within the root of your TerraGear sourcetree using "patch -p1":

patch -p1 < custom-scenery-master.patch

patch -p1 < custom-scenery-gdalogr.patch

The gdalogr patch is optional. Have a look at the .log-files with the same stem of the patch for a list of changes introduced by that patch.

GIT resources

A public read-only GIT repository is available as well at The repository can also be browsed online via gitweb.

To check out the repository to your local harddisk, use