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Collecting the communities' contributions

We proudly present the first export from the TerraGear landcover database .... or however you prefer to name it. The contents is exactly the same as the landcover data that has previously been used for scenery generation - at least this is the intention.

This release serves multiple goals:

We see these goals as the first step on our way to the incorporation of hand-crafted details into the 'official' scenery. Following steps include the manifestation of a nomenclatura that replaces the current layer names and which meets future demands regarding differentiation. After this is finished we'll allow limited direct access to the database itself and are open to accept submissions.

Later on we intend to add the creation of TerraGear work-directories right out of the database which could be distributed via SVN to limit the traffic amount required for updates.

The complete set of packed shapefiles is about 439 MByte in size, uncompressed
about 1739 MByte. You'll find the shapefiles, including a shapefile representation of the GSHHS data at this FTP-location: